Blood Sport Dick Francis

ISBN: 9781402537172

Published: 1999

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Blood Sport  by  Dick Francis

Blood Sport by Dick Francis
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What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes Ive read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly or indirectly.

The heroes arent always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But more than that, Franciss heroes are rational human beings. The choices made are rational choices directed by a firm objective philosophy that belies all of Franciss novels. The dialogue is clear and touched with humor no matter the intensity of evil that the hero faces.

The heros thoughts reveal a vulnerability that is touching, while his actions are always based on doing the right thing to achieve justice.Causing the reader to deeply care about the characters in a novel is a difficult thing to do. No such worries in a Francis novel. The point of view is first person, you are the main character as you read the story (usually the character of Mr. Douglas).

The hero is personable, like able, non-violent but delivering swift justice with his mind rather than through physical means. This is not to say that violence is a stranger to our hero. Some of it staggering and often delivered by what we would think of normal persons living in British society.You will come to love the world of Steeple Chase racing, you will grow a fondness for horses, stables, trainers and the people who live in that world. You will read the books, devouring one after the other and trust me Dick Francis has a lot of novels (over 40 by my last count).There are several series woven into the fabric of Franciss work: notably the Sid Halley and Kit Fielding series.Assessment: Dick Francis is one of my favorite writers.

I read his books with a fierce hunger that remains insatiable and I mourn his death.

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