Visions: The Awakening Dennis Hart

ISBN: 9780595133819

Published: October 1st 2000


332 pages


Visions: The Awakening  by  Dennis Hart

Visions: The Awakening by Dennis Hart
October 1st 2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 332 pages | ISBN: 9780595133819 | 10.77 Mb

An adventure in consciousness that can change the future of Mankind.Why does Mankind experience the same problems over and over again? Is he locked in a perpetual cycle doomed to repeat the same old mistakes regardless of his culture or time period? Throughout history there have been enlightened people and Masters who have told how to end this cycle. Were they wrong or have we misinterpreted their words? This spiritual adventure follows the lives of five characters that have taken it upon themselves to break this cycle of violence and destruction. Each of these characters: a Russian parapsychologist, a South Korean quantum physicist, a West Texas Baptist missionary in China, a California psychologist, and an international consultant from Dallas, holds a piece to the puzzle that will tell us how our worldview has trapped us in this endless spiral.

Their personal experiences bring each of them to a higher consciousness and awareness that Mankinds inevitable fate needs a detour. Through their commonality of belief, they meet and form a group whose objective is to answer the questions Mankind has always asked.

Questions that must be answered if Man is to change his perspective and break the repetitive cycle of history that continues to lead back to war, poverty and suffering.

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